Our Play Hubs

Play Caravan

The play caravan toured four provinces and the city of Kigali and aimed to activate play, shift perceptions around play and promote the benefits of learning through play in children’s development. It formed part of the global Build a World of Play activation, and engaged local communities in play activities.

Play Book

A collection of games and activities for parents and caregivers to play with their children in a way that is easy to follow, accessible and engaging, available both online and in public spaces.

Kids Corner

Kina Rwanda are creating 4 play spaces in various districts across Rwanda that are easily accessible and equipped with tools and activities that promote learning through play.

Let’s Talk Play

20 organisations in the play sector came together to leverage each other’s expertise and develop a unified message in communicating learning through play, as well as form a coalition to promote the benefits of play.  

Play for Success

A multi-media based campaign in collaboration with social media and community based influencers that raises awareness of the benefits of learning through play.

Media as Messenger

More than 30 media personalities from across popular programming and media outlets, including radio, television, Vloggers, and bloggers participated in a series of interactive and informative sessions around play.

Press Play

Activating play through a series of playful programming in partnership with mainstream media outlets that engage parents and caregivers. 

Activate play in your community