Media as Messenger

The media joins the Play Movement

We hosted a training workshop with 30 media personalities from across popular programming and media outlets, including radio, television, vloggers and bloggers to introduce them to the concept of Learning through Play. The training included a series of interactive and informative sessions to inspire them to create content that encourages parents and caregivers to participate in playful experiences with children.

Media training highlights


We had a growth in social media engagement and direct messages from journalists and other users, with a +115% increase in account engagement on Instagram, and a 4% increase on Twitter on the day of the training.

Following a press release, we also received media coverage from over 10 media outlets, highlighting the importance of LtP in early childhood development.

Online media coverage of the workshop was viewed more than 11,281 times.

Access the media handbook!

We created a handbook that you can use as a reference guide to diving deeper into the concept of learning through play, as well as a toolkit that can be your guide and inspiration to help develop content and programming about play.

Handbook English

Handbook Kinyarwanda

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