What is Kina Rwanda?

Kina Rwanda is Rwanda’s play movement that is a part of a global movement that believes that play can be a driver for social and economic progress in every community. By unlocking play experiences for children — at home, at school and in public spaces— we can ensure that all children have the opportunity to reach their full potential by Learning through Play.

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Play for Success

In April 2021, Kina Rwanda launched Play for Success, a community engagement project that aims to raise awareness of the importance of Learning through Play to inspire Rwandans to understand the importance of play in early childhood development so they can hence start intentionally planning as well as participating in their children’s play time. In collaboration with social media and community based influencers, we have created content that shows how play is easy, does not require a lot of time and how it helps children’s knowledge.

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Together for Play is funded by the LEGO Foundation and powered by Purpose, working in partnership with allies and amplifiers in each country, including NGOs, education networks, and early childhood development organisations. For a full list of partners, please see more on our dedicated country pages.