Play for Success

In April 2021, Kina Rwanda launched Play for Success, a community engagement project that aims to raise awareness of the importance of Learning through Play to inspire Rwandans to understand the importance of play in early childhood development so they can hence start intentionally planning as well as participating in their children’s play time. In collaboration with social media and community based influencers, we have created content that shows how play is easy, does not require a lot of time and how it helps children’s knowledge.

The Play for Success intervention has three phases namely: raising awareness of Learning through Play, community engagement and encouraging action.

In the first phase, raising awareness, Kina Rwanda leverages the power of mainstream media and social media to demonstrate how easy play is as it doesn’t require fancy props and expensive toys and can hence be done using objects that can be easily found in communities as props. Furthermore, with the help of social media influencers, we helped show that it doesn’t require a lot of time and that children gain so much knowledge from play time.

In the second phase, community engagement, Kina Rwanda starts from learnings from the first to engage the community more broadly. This phase uses insights from the awareness phase to deepen connection with our target audiences and drive that connection further out in the community.

In the last stage, encouraging action, Kina Rwanda builds from the momentum built up through phase one and two tactics. This is the phase of behavioral shift as campaign call to actions turn into actual activities with community members adopting play time.