Girl Guides Workshop

“Bombe! Heyaaa!” A group of girl guides shouted as they warmed up before a workshop that equipped them with knowledge of the importance of play and the concept of learning Through Play. This group of 5 girl guides from Kigali and four other provinces of Rwanda met in one room to prepare to share their learnings back with their community.

During the workshop they also had time to engage in hands-on play activities,and it did bring back their childhood memories.
“As a kid I always liked to play as a doctor and my parents, now I am a final year student in medical school. Now I understand the impact that play time has had on me,” said Yvette Nkurunziza, GIrl Guide from XXX, who was representing the XXX province at the workshop.

In this dynamic session, conducted in true youthful fashion, the girl guides were equipped with knowledge around Play and pledged to be play ambassadors. “I really enjoyed the workshop, I will be happy to deliver the gained knowledge to everyone I meet.”, said Domine Uwamariya. GIrl Guide from XXX, who was representing the XXX province at the workshop.

This is one step in the journey these dynamic social agents have embarked on to ensure that the Play movement is an integral part of Rwandan communities.

In a community where play is merely regarded as a way to pass time for younger children, or an obstacle that stops older children to do household chores, Girl guides are going into their communities across the country to engage gatekeepers and start preponderant conversations. These engagements intend to help parents and guardians to understand how critical play time is in early childhood development, how easy it is and that they don’t need