A pledge to be advocates

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, eight Rwandan digital influencers in one room, game props on tables, and thought-provoking conversations in every break-out group, the influencers participated in a hands-on workshop that equipped them with knowledge around Play and
hence pledged to be play advocates.

The workshop was an introduction to Learning Through Play as a concept and what Play Movement Rwanda will contribute to making Rwandan Parents adopt this concept in the early childhood development stage through the local brand Kina Rwanda.

“I understood the importance of play and I understood how best to choose games that my kids Can Learn from”; Barada Clementine, one of the influencers, reflected on the workshop. With the knowledge and practice that the influencers gained from the workshop, they then embarked on a advocacy mission to intentionally make time for play in their homes, and share their experience to raise awareness of Learning through Play and use their platforms to help people not only understand the concept of learning through Play, but also adopt shift their behavior to start making time for play. The goal is to create a ripple effect, whereby parents learn from other parents by seeing how easy, fun and important play is in early childhood development.

After a few hours of deep diving into the concept of learning, the team’s enthusiasm was contagious, more ideas sparking, and everyone looking forward to making strides in engaging a bigger audience. As soon as the influencers left the room, you could hear them talking about their personal experiences with play and Kids. We hope to build on this word of mouth to start conversations widely.

From the participants’ feedback Kina Rwanda was also able to collect ideas of how future workshops should look like. The influencer suggested a follow-up workshop/ Playdate with Kids and parents would also be beneficial in the future.